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Embark on a unique journey through the annals of aviation with Aviation Chronicles. Every season, our narratives ascend with a dedicated focus on a distinct aircraft, drawing you into the essence of authentic aviation adventures. Through meticulously crafted weekly narratives, we turn every takeoff into an adventure and every landing into a tale, offering an unparalleled immersion into the world of flight simulation.

What is Aviation Chronicles?

Aviation Chronicles plugs into your well-known flight experience, adding narrative and story to your flight simulation. With a dedicated aircraft and storyline to fly, you get intriguing assignments to complete while discovering a misterious back story.

How can I join?

It’s easy! Subscribe to our waitlist to get updates on our release date and other news.

Do you aspire to be among the pioneers? Dive in head-first, join the team of our select Beta Program and start flying with Aviation Chronicles as soon as it's ready for testing.

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Join our waitlist, or our Beta Program to be part of the vanguard, experiencing new narratives ahead of the crowd and providing invaluable feedback to shape the future of our storytelling.

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